Aisle Fin Holders have been developed for use in retailing to improve category signage and in-store promotions. For many years different pole and shelf edge clip systems have been used with varying degrees of success. The challenges of misalignment, slippped or fallen graphics has led to various adhoc solutions usually involving adhesive tape, cable ties or the like, 

Our solution is                                              

Our solution is

A simple, easy to use pole gripper, engineered to promote your brand and secure your print

Printlock® 'locks' the graphic in place, eliminating many of the problems associated with the commonly used co-extruded gripper or hook systems, making it the ideal solution for thinner, lower cost substrates.  Printlock® also allows for ‘through the pole’ graphics, facilitating greater creativity for display designers, allowing both above and below the pole graphics. The poles are strong, lightweight and easily adjusted in length by a simple twist and lock mechanism

Practical, quality aisle signage as you have never seen it before

'Aisle Fin Holders'
Also known as:

Banner Arms
Aisle Invaders
Category Signage
Category Dividers
Flag Sticks
Graphic Holders
Bus Stops
Shelf Barkers